Sheet Music
by Don Sherwood
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"... the song of the righteous is a prayer ..."

Thank you for stopping by my website. You will find many of the songs I have written and/or arranged available here for your downloading pleasure. You may freely print, copy and share the music you find here without having to ask permission of anyone, so long as it is not for commercial purposes.

Why am I giving away my music for free?

Like many others, I have felt very blessed to have been given some small talent, and I know that this music did not come from me; it was given through me. I've always felt that it was not given for my benefit alone, and so I share it as freely as I can, in the hopes that it will serve to lift and inspire as many people as possible to believe in God and trust in His love. He has loved me more than I could ever deserve.

Enjoy, share, and come again.